Friday, May 04, 2007

Mid Sussex count continues

You won't believe this but after 13 and a half hours the count is
still going. The last area to declare will be Burgess Hill Franklands
ward for the town. It will decide whether we have control of the town
council, or are the largest party.

We have also got 30 of 54 on the district!

Late breaking news, Franlands just declared two to us and one to them,
leaving us the largest group, a first for a long time!

Kind regards

Benedict White


Anonymous said...

I see the Tory council leader in my area (Hassocks) lost his seat - is that correct?

I think all 3 seats almost went Lib Dem. All because of the new housing development that went through a dodgy planning and public inquiry.

Jamie said...

Hard lines Benedict.

Hope you try again..

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes that is true, Patrick lost his seat. It was a close run thing on the other two seats this time.

The issue that caused the problem was a development on Mackie avenue, which the council fought all the way, and lost. Planning decisions are now not at the discretion of local councils, and if a developer wants to keep appealing they can.

The fact that the development went ahead was in the LD leaflets, how hard Patrick and others fought against it was not.

Jamie, Many thanks!