Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Conservatives to vote down weasels FOI exemption bill in the House of Lords!

David Cameron has just given a press conference in London in which he has said that the Conservative block in the House of Lords will vote down the Freedom of Information act.


With a bit of luck that will kill it stone dead. I wonder how all the loyal Brownites who supported the bill will feel, and what of Gordon Brown who has promised more open government but clearly does not believe in it, if you judge him by what his followers do?

Many thanks to Iain Dale who has more here.

You can also sign the petition against the bill here.


Mark said...

Curious that you only ask how Labour MPs will feel about all this. How do you think all the Conservative MPs who voted for the bill (including David Maclean, whose bill it is after all) will feel?

Stonch said...

Wait a moment - wasn't the bill proposed by a CONSERVATIVE MP and supported by CONSERVATIVE MPs?

This has got sod all to do with the Labour Party of Gordon Brown - all the Tory peers are doing is sorting out a problem created by one of their own in the Commons!

Be a bit more honest Benedict!

Benedict White said...

Mark and Stonch, I was referring to the Brownite Labour MP's like Tom Watson, Sion Simon et al after Gordon's promise of openness.

Tom Maclean is a tit for bringing ofrward this legislation and so s anyone else who voted for it. I have made that clear before.