Friday, May 04, 2007

Ashenground result

Bates, Richard LD 941
Bourne, Katy Conservative 597
Hall, Brian LD 923
White, Benedict Conservative 536

LD hold, with turnout up.

Hard fought battle that one!

Kind regards

Benedict White


barry monk said...

Bad luck, but keep fighting.

Would you consider providing a link to my campaign website

Marquee Mark said...

Good on you for having the balls to put yourself forward and give it a shot. It's having losers in elections that differentiates us from a one-party state.

Your time will come.

tpfkar said...

Hope you enjoyed the campaign Benedict, and thanks for your insights on here. I hope it's inspired you for the future.

Fitaloon said...

Next time you'll get them! Keep trying

Elliott said...

Commiserations Benedict. Good for you for standing. Next time you'll be in.

loadofoldstodge said...

First, I hope you enjoyed the experience. When I first fought a seat in 1986, I loved it - put the Alliance vote up from 21% to 39% - lost, mind you...

The Mid-Sussex results look in line with what happened elsewhere. That said, the LDs haven't exactly been wiped out, have they ?

I suspect holding all these seats will be a greater challenge in 2011.

Ian Jones said...

Sorry you didn't get in Benedict. Best of luck next time.

Benedict White said...

Barry, many thanks, I would consider a link swap, yeas, mail me.

Marquee Mark

Yes, it is giving voters a choice, many thanks!

tpfkar , Yes I did, (though I have not seen the last LD leaflet yet) and yes it has inspired me!

Fitaloon and Elliot, the irritating thing is that as I have canvassed and people have raised issues I have dealt with them as ward work, they just collect the "whines" for their next leaflet, like that solves anything!

I will get them, mark my words!

Loadofstodge, Lost what 200 seats?

The LD's have had a hard and bad day! Many thanks for the support though.

Ian, it won't be luck next time, it will be blood swat and tears.

peter the punter said...

Well done, Benedict, for standing and putting up a good fight. If the good voters of Ashenground had known what they were doing, you'd have won by a distance.

Good luck...and keep going! We need representatives like you.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks Peter, yes I think I will be doing it again!

Anonymous said...

Well done Benedict, you clearly fought a hard campaign.

I'll offer 1 insight and 2 pieces of advice for next time.

Losing is hard, my first seat (which I also lost) was a "safe" Tory council seat where an Independent/Tory split vote let in Labour the previous time. I failed to retake it by a whisker. It hurts, but makes victory all the sweeter when it comes. Your time will come.

Advice Number 1. You've now fought a difficult seat you expected to lose. If you get a chance of a safe seat, grab it! Honourable losses are ultimately just that - losses!

Advice number 2 - GE2005 I was agent in my constituency. We learned what a great choice a chiropodist was as a candidate, when she dressed our blistered & bleeding feet half-way through polling day! I will always campaign with a chiropodist in future... suggest you do likewise.

At least losing means you'll still have plenty of time to plug your blog on PBC!


Robin Wiggs

Benedict White said...

Robin, many thanks, and thanks for the advice! I shall be wearing more comfortable shoes next time around!