Tuesday, May 15, 2007

John McDonnell - Will he get the nominations?

The Labour party now has lists of which Labour MP's have nominated which candidates for the leadership of the Labour party.

So far Gordon Brown has 282, to John McDonnell's 27, some 18 short of the 45 he actually needs.

Gordon Brown has made it clear that he will not lend any nominees to McDonnell. There are 352 Labour MP's with 43 left to nominate of which McDonnell needs 42%.

I can't see him doing it. My £20 is safe!

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone listed the 43?

Anonymous said...

Still think it's just show ,so the new monarch can say he had a race and won it fair and square,I can't see why the rest are scared of him ,maybe pigs and troughs come into it.

Benedict White said...

Mike, no Andrea is your man for that!

Anonymous, From my perspective you are missing the point. There will be no show trial because Gordon Brown will not risk it.