Friday, May 04, 2007

The Ashenground Story

First of all, this is my first, and indeed Katy Bourne's first campaign. We have not done this before.

We were virgins together! (Don't tell her husband!).

For one reason or another I took the view that I would rather fight a fight than be given a safe seat, only to mess it up, and it was not hard to find a fight.

Ashenground is old ground to me because I know so many people who live in it, and when it came up, I grabbed it, so did Katy.

We have in a month and a half leafleted the ward 5 times, canvased it once, taken on board what people have said and have done what we could. (Including dealing with planning woes, and some anti social behavior, whilst also looking at pot holes)

The result has been that the Liberal Democrats have been hit hard in their safest seat in Haywards Heath and have had to respond. In fact as far as I can tell they have pulled out all the stops.

It has been a hard fight. Katy and I have pulled out all the stops, but we are limited in numbers. We have made the Liberal Democrats fight their corner, but ultimatum speaking it will be all down to who has got their vote out, and the postal votes which are such a shambles I don't know which way it is going to go.

I do know that we pushed them hard and made them work for their vote. I also know that it is no longer a safe seat for the Liberal Democrats, and what is more, I will make sure that it is a safe Conservative seat next time, even if it is not this time.


Anonymous said...



tories 30 libs 12 in 2 maj 16 upo from maj of 2 Lib dems looked pretty miseable, hope this sort of effect is prevalent at your count...
Im knackered 3 hrs sleep!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for going for it. Fingers crossed.

Benedict White said...

MTF, Well done! Good work!

Ellee, we retook the council, every battle mattered!

I lost, but that happens.