Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Government of the living dead!

Whilst I have not yet had a chance to watch all of today's Prime Ministers Questions I am amused by the clips shown on the news bulletins.

My favourite quote is David Cameron listing the potential outgoing ministers, citing how Gordon Brown's spin doctors have been wondering around handing out current ministers jobs, and going on to describe the cabinet as the "government of the living dead"

It has to be said that during the exchange, it was obvious that Tony Blair enjoys this sort of banter, as does David Cameron.

I wonder how Gordon Brown will fair? After all he normally hides away on bad news days, has lost his temper with George Osbourne and normally has a team of junior ministers to answer all the awkward questions?

Those in Labour (and the Liberal Democrats) who are looking for a saviour for Labour say he will do well.

The rest of us have our doubts!


Anonymous said...

Brown ain't in yet, Blair still has to leave as PM not Labour party leader ,how long is that away 6weeks ,lots can happen in that time,me I will wait.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I hope you are not implying that my bet with Mike Smithson is not safe? :)

Anonymous said...

Benedict you and Mike and that bet,I just don't trust Blair, he is up to something ,he's just not telling us ,no ,I don't know it's just a feeling ,remember Mike is a gambler now with a book out ,gamblers work things out that's why a lot of them win ,just don't spend you winnings yet :-)

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, My bet with Mike is not when Tony goes, but whether Gordon Brown will be opposed. I say he will not be!

Anonymous said...

They have to have somebody doing a token opposition to the clunker otherwise he won't be able to say the people voted him to PM.

ChrisD said...

Be interesting to see who Brown nominates as his stand in at PMQ's, and if he plans to go on lots of last minute foreign trips. It could be an easy guide to how well our new PM is handling the day to day news management now that it will not be as easy to hide behind Blair or his cabinet colleagues.
He will fill his cabinet with lots of loyal Brownites who have followed his long time policy of disappearing when the news is bad.
Will it be left to backbenchers to fill in the gaps with the news media on a bad day?

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I do hope not, I am looking for Gordon to be unopposed!

ChrisD, are you suggesting that Gordon might not like PMQ's? Now theres a thought!

ChrisD said...

Benedict, not only is Gordon Brown incredible shy and retiring when the Labour are having a bad media day and the lobby smells blood, but he seems to have taught his lieutenants the same bad behaviour.
Now what ever I think of Blair as a PM or the incompetent bunch he put in his cabinet, the one thing most Blair and his supporters possessed was the "front" or "balls" to tough it out on camera and defend each other.
I think we might won't suddenly see a touchy feely hands on response to all situations from Brown and it will feel like it is a bunch of junior ministers and backbenchers running the country while the supposed "hard men/women" or Brownites hide in the bunker.

chatterbox said...

Apologies for garbled post, forgot to check before posting, not that it stops me making clangers.

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, Yes they do like to hide don't they? I see that as a vote loser. Time will tell.

Chatterbox, I am still not sure what you meant, if you were Anonymous at 9:39 AM, May 10, 2007