Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Telegraph backs Cameron shocker!

Just something I noticed last night. Today's editorial in the Telegraph seems to support David Cameron and his stance over grammar schools (albeit grudgingly).

I wonder how Simon Heffer will be feeling?

The Telegraph also has this.


Anonymous said...

But not ConHom it would seem judging by the editorial line over the last couple of weeks. It reached hysterical heights a few days ago and is now beyond parody. Interestingly the more ConHom peddles this line of spin the more the threads deteriorate, just makes you realise how desperately the party needs to modernise and just what a mountain Cameron has to climb.

Anonymous said...

Cameroon couldn't climb a mole hill.
The guy is a complete wuss!
Meanwhile the idiots who pass as university lecturers, after refusing to co-operate with the gov't on naming folks turning rabid with islamic jihad, are now threatening to boycott certain Israeli establishments, because they won't distance themselves from their gov't actions
Strange!!!!!!!!! Isn't that what they are doing with their own UK gov't.
And these guys controll to a marked degree(pun) the future of our graduates.
Stupid bast--ds.

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, Yes ConHome is a bit nuts from time to time, but remember the empty vessels make the loudest noise :)

Also, I disagree with you that this shows how far Cameron has got to go. I am not convinced that there are huge numbers of these people in the party they just shout loudest.

Erik, Many thanks for the comment. University lecturers have a habit of being a bit left wing I am afraid.