Sunday, May 13, 2007

Poll surge as Brown lays out new vision

Is the way the Observer reports the Yougov poll in the Sunday Times I reported on earlier.

You have to laugh don't you?

The article also says that Gordon Brown will lay out plans for new eco towns. As Iain Dale pointed out on BBC News 24 Yvette Cooper, the Housing Minister announced that last year.

Meanwhile he also appears to want to fiddle even more with the NHS. The plan is to give people access to their GP's out of hours and at weekends. This appears to ignore the fact that this government let GP's off the onerous out of hours work if they accepted a measly 22% pay rise.

It seems clear to me that some on the left are in cloud cuckoo land. Mind you that is fine with me!

The Sunday Times has this, with the poll as a footnote at the bottom on Eco Towns.

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