Friday, May 04, 2007

Mid Sussex ward by ward after poll predictions

As far as I can tell, we will make about 7 gains.

We will gain Heath ward in Haywards Heath, (2 member ward).

We will gain Victoria ward in Burgess Hill, (2 member ward) unseating the Liberal Democrat leader.

We are moderately confident of regaining Lucastes, though postal votes and a three way LD Independent Conservative split makes that difficult to fully call.

We expect to take at least one seat in Herontye ward in East Grinstead.

We also are moderately confident of taking one seat in Leylands ward in Burgess Hill.

Speculation on the other hand is another thing. In East Grinstead we expect we may get another seat, and we will certainly have pushed the Liberal Democrats hard.

Oh, and there is an Independent in Hustpeirpoint who used to be a Conservative, and we expect that seat back.

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