Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is this why John Reid did not run?

The Daily Mail has this article on its website saying that John Reid may have chosen not to run for the Labour leadership, and indeed resigned, because he pestered Dawn Primarolo on more than one occasion, apparently when drunk.

This all happened a long time ago, and as a result Reid gave up alcohol all together. I do have to wonder if this is the real reason but nothing else has surfaced yet.

It does go to show that in politics, your enemies have long memories.

Dawn Primarolo is also known as Red Dawn, and works in the treasury, masterminding such brilliant successes as IR35 and Tax credits.

Hat tip to Andrea on for the link.


Anonymous said...

"This all happened a long time ago, and as a result Reid gave up alcohol all together"

The horror of attempting to bed her must have made him see the light!

Falling on a bruise said...

The John Prescott school of working relationships.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, When Reid announced that he was standing down from the Cabinet Iain Dale hinted at the a newspaper having a damaging story about Reid they were ready to run if he throw his hat in the ring.
I remember wondering a bit cynically when I read this if the newspaper had any sources in the treasury. Don't get me wrong, John Reid probable had more skeletons than a cemetery in his closet.
Just a little too convenient that this story should surface at a time when he was possible going to run against Gordon, he would not have won but he was formidable enough that he might have inflicted some wounds which might have damaged Gordon's grand entrance into No10.
Just a thought.........

Benedict White said...

Andrea, yes I can see that as enough to sober anyone up!

LucyP, yes, not impressive is it? Nor would it appear to be a successful chat up line. Perhaps he should have tried something somewhat more subtle first?

As it stands it looks like sexual harassment, but it was a long time ago.

ChrisD, yes, thanks for reminding me, and yes clearly it was a Treasury source.

Anonymous said...

Red Dawn does seem rather skittish, watch her run from a BBC reporter:

Anonymous said...

Goodness! Talk about beer goggles. No wonder he realised it was time to quit!

James Higham said...

What's her time over 50m?

Benedict White said...

running Dawn, Yes not wanting to answer questions on Trident is a bit disingenuous.

Joe, I think you are being unkind!

Benedict White said...

James, No idea, I think it depends on how awkward the questions asked are!