Thursday, May 24, 2007

Control orders flawed says Reid

Well, at least in that Dr John Reid and I agree. However from there on I think we disagree and strongly.

Apparently "Mr Reid blamed political opponents and judges for stopping the use of tougher measures against terror suspects,"

So it is all someone elses fault, not his. After all the wage bill in the NHS (after he negotiated the contracts) were not his fault, neither is the lack of equipment in Afghanistan for out troops that happened under his watch. Is anything his fault?

Then he promises new "tougher" measures. These will no doubt be more of the same. Lock up people without trial, devalue what it is to be British and so on. These will of course be opposed by all sensible people.

The issue is a combination of two things. The first is that we have tried all sorts of draconian measures before and whilst it may result in some very dangerous people being locked up, recruit far more to the cause. To give you an idea there are about half a million Roman Catholics in Northern Ireland and about one and a half million Muslims in the UK. Alienating them by banging people up without trial is not an option. The other issue is that there are things that could be done which would seem fair.

The Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats have bent over backwards to make suggestions to allow these people to be prosecuted. Alas, the government refuses to take them up even though many are common practice in other democracies. For example, we can use intercept evidence in court from the Belgian police, but apparently not from our own security services. (also see here)

One argument for long detention without charges is that it takes a long time to decrypt computer files if you don't have the password. The Conservative party suggested making the failure to offer a password an offence, whilst allowing people to be questioned after being charged. That offer has been rebuffed.

What would you prefer? People being held, not only without charge, but not being able to see any of the evidence against them or some small modifications to the rules of evidence and police procedure?

Clearly this Government has not only lost the plot but has failed to learn any lessons from previous anti terror campaigns.

The BBC has this


erik said...

O/T, O/T

The march begins in Brooklyn

and warped testimony from debbie almontaser

Daniel Pipes warns about it

as does an editorial

And Daniel Pipes has more wisdom

Even the yanks seem to have lost their marbles.
All within spitting distance of 9/11
What a testimony to those almost 3000 lost lives!

erik said...

Also David Cameron seems to be using a reasonable amount of imagination in trying to deal with the original ills which is good.

You gotta be joking!!!!!
The guy is a complete wuss.
Hug a hoody!!!
Whats next, snog a jihadist??
Gimme a break.

Get out od Europe
Run UK policies.
Show spinal cord, not yellow streak.

Erik said...

Reasonable amount of imagination????????????????????????/
Alice in Wonderland is a reasonable amount of imagination.
Looked in the looking-glass lately, Cameroon?

erik said...

The muzzy march begins in Brooklyn

and warped testimony from the warped islamic debbie almontaser

Daniel Pipes warns about it

as does an editorial

And Daniel Pipes has more wisdom

For f---s sake, even the yanks have lost their marbles.
It'll turn into a university for jihad, and all within spitting distance of 9/11
What a testimony to those almost 3000 lost lives!

Snog a jihadist

erik said...

and about one and a half million Muslims in the UK.
Nicely built into your narrative, but obvious nevertheless.
Yes. That is the problem.
EU immigration policies have rendered the UK, and the rest of Europe, dam near impotent.
That needs sorting, pronto.
Try looking at the articles on this

, and understand the problem

erik said...

I have learnt the lessons of history as far as terrorism goes, you on the other hand appear to be totally ignorant.

Benny baby, don't be such an arrogant prick.
No-one has learned lessons as far as terrorism goes because terrorists continually adapt to new methods/tactic/hardware/communications, etc.
The recent high profile cases all concern motivated rank amateurs. I ask you, buying chemicals on cctv in the local suppliers, sheesh!
The next crop will come from Iranian specialists, who according to researchers, are currently conducting recon around our cities and nuclear installations. Intel agencies have identified them, but have they got them all?
Is Dame MI5 confident? She's certainly ringing alarm bells.
Iran has speeded up its enrchment processes, with NK help, (who incidently has not stuck to one word of the agreement brokered on the 17th) and all the ME is a dither.
What chance a dirty bomb on the underground, this time by professionals. Pressure is building in Tripoli (Lebanon) at Syrian bidding, to screw the UN investigation of state murder, Hamas is rocketing Israel on a daily basis, and fighting Fatah in gazoo at the same time. The US and UAE are arming the Lebanese forces to sort out AQ insurgents in North Lebanon, Iran is arming the taleban, and fighting a proxy war with Saudi in Iraq (did you know that 61% of suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudi nationals, - you don't, - you do now), ( there is no insurgency in Iraq, it's not local, its a proxy war, - the left want to call it an insurgency to hammer bush, another lie by the political elete), and Pakistan is on the brink of collapse, so, in a nut shell, the s--t is about to hit the fan, with truly massive US firepower assembled in the persian gulf, and messianic madmen spinning centrefuges.
This is AQ recruiting ground. We've been too soft for too long.
You think you've learned the lessons?
The Saudis wrote the first book more than a hundred years ago, and are quietly making global progress. Iranians wrote the second book, with the help of d'Estaing, (who incidently wants to give us napoleonic law) while in exile, and you? You don't even know the titles

erik said...

Dozens, if not hundreds, of people are thought to have been killed in the Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon – at least seventy in the first two days — as the Lebanese army goes all out to destroy the al Qaeda affiliate Fatah al Islam which is apparently embedded in the camp. (And several other pali camps in the ME).

A refugee camp under heavy bombardment; civilians being killed along with the terrorists who are hunkered down among them; military authorities talking of having terrorists ‘hermetically sealed’ and that they will be removed one way or another because they pose a threat to the country which simply cannot be tolerated; ambulances prevented from reaching the injured and even being fired upon, and the Lebanese army being supplied by the US and several UAE gulf states.

Can you imagine the reaction if Israel were to be doing this?

But just look at the MSM. Where are the virulent denunciations of the Lebanese government? Where are the editorials condemning it for dangerous over-reaction? Where are the columnists screaming war crimes? Where are the politicians and the bishops condemning the Lebanese for a disproportionate response and demanding a cease-fire now? Where is Amnesty international?, Where are UN investigators?

Funny, that — I seem to have missed them.

And now look at the British media’s coverage of the incessant daily bombardment of Israel by Hamas from gazoo, and its belated military response. That response has been reported as if Israel is driving events. The bombardment has scarcely been mentioned – except in passing in the stories about Israel’s response, which is thus presented as the driving force. The fact that getting on for four hundred rockets have been fired by the Palestinians at Sderot in the past five days has been virtually ignored. The fact that a few days ago a 35 year-old woman was killed by one of these rockets has been all but ignored by journalists who usually preface any reference to the quassams as ‘home-made’, instead of Iranian supplied, to give the impression that this is a Gazan Dad’s Army up against the Israeli military behemoth. The fact that – according to Israel’s deputy defence minister Ephraim Sneh – Iran is behind the Hamas rocket bombardment in order to distract attention from its nuclear programme is virtually ignored. The rationale is presumably to force Israel to do what it is now doing by attacking Hamas in Gazoo; because Iran and Hamas know very well that the attention of the west will instantly be drawn to Israel like a moth to a flame. The pressure on Iran to abandon its goal of nuclear genocide will thus be transferred to Israel, the prime target of the nuclear genocide. Sure enough, it’s working like a charm.

The Israelis are worried, and with good reason, that Iran/Hamas will now extend their bombardment beyond Sderot to cities such as Ashkelon or Beersheba. As the Jerusalem Post reports:

High-ranking defense officials told the Post terrorists had smuggled long-range rockets into Gazoo from the Sinai through tunnels underneath the Philadelphi Corridor. Islamic Jihad is known to have a limited number of outdated Grad-model Katyusha rockets, but has yet to fire them at their maximum range of 25 km.

To prevent this, Israel may well now have to escalate its attacks on Hamas in Gazoo. We can all write the western media script that will follow.

Who needs al Qaeda when the enemies of the free world have got the western media on their side?

I just wonder when the MSwesternM will actually tell the TRUTH to its readers? After all, THAT IS THEIR JOB

What's your position on the oddly flavoured articles that are paraded in the western press as truth, but are basically dictated by hamas, hezbullah, fatah, or any other of the usual suspects. I note you often link to al-bbc, and al-guardian. Have you tried fox news, or the daily telegraph, or the new york sun, or other more credibly researched publications. Have you even heard of the web-site "honest reporting"?

In the UN at Xmas in 2002, Libya held the 6 months rotating chair an human rights!!! (that was befor she 'fessed up about developing WMD)

Now ,Zimbabwe holds the chair on sustainable economic developement!

Sheesh, what a joke. And we pay blood and treasure to these f---ing idiots!

Whats your position on the UN, given their inability to make ANY effective decisions?? Stay in, pull out, withhold contributions, form another alliance with like minded nations? In detail please, not waffle.
What's your position on NATO, given its recumbent position, and failure to move from its recumbent position when our navy children were subject to an act of war by Iran, and the developement of the EU force, (now that is a joke). Leave Nato, line up more with US, leave eurabia, join NAFTA? In detail please, not waffle.

Use your blog better.

Rodrigo said...

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erik said...

Update Not from any western press!!!

Friday, May 25, the first cargoes of American advanced weapons, ammunition and special anti-terror combat systems landed in Beirut to boost the Lebanese army’s bid to subdue the radical Fatah al-Islam uprising in the Palestinian Nahr al-Bared refugee camp near Tripoli.
The scale of this military aid injection is extensive.

The transports’ holds are being loaded from US emergency stores in the region. For the first time, Arab and Gulf governments are overtly taking a direct hand in US warfare against al Qaeda in the Middle East as it spreads from Iraq to Lebanon with Syrian connivance. Washington has determined to quench the flames in N. Lebanon before they engulf the rest of the country.

Jordanian air transports are also carrying assistance in the form of officers and instructors of the kingdom’s special force and intelligence, who are well-seasoned in combat against the al Qaeda menace in Iraq and at home. They are now on hand to take command of Lebanese army units and anti-Syrian factions in Tripoli which have failed so far to contain the Fatah al-Islam challenge which has escalated dangerously following the infiltration of pro-Syrian reinforcements to the camp.

They are led by members of the pro-Syrian Tehran-funded Palestinian extremist Ahmed Jibril’s group, armed by Damascus and directed by Syrian military intelligence officers, who maintain a presence in North Lebanon.

This threat came from al Qaeda in the Levant over a video and web site. Tourists in Lebanon will be bombed and no Christian will be safe unless the Lebanese army lifts is siege of Nahr al-Bared camp.

Hundreds of al Qaeda-linked extremists are stirring up the inmates of the Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp of Ein Hilwa in the south of Lebanon to support Fatah al Islam. Half of the camp’s 40,000 residents have fled.

Mr Bennie, What is your position on the continued EU funding to obviously terrorist organisations, who maintain their refugee status for political (fund raising) reasons. In the past these funds have allowed lavish parisienne life-styles for families of these terrorist leaders, plus substantial swiss bank accounts, ME villas, and extensive properties in South Africa, and the criminal intent has been defended in the past by that miss guided chris patten.
Will you vote to withhold this funding, continue funding, seek the return of previous funding, confiscate assets, issue arrest warrants as per your previous blog. In detail please, not waffle,

erik said...

This is a link to an article concerning the UN and NK.
The Author, Claudia, is an extremely professional journalist who also has her own blog site. Do a google to find it.
She exposes many of the financial/other crimes committed by UN reprentatives around the globe, and was intrumental in the exposure of the actions of Kofi and his son, and many other officials/countries in the Iraqi oil for food clusterf--k. Not that anything substantive ever results in the UN.
Even a person of her abilities has trouble monitoring the levels of crime amongst UN officials.
Her blog makes interesting reading.
My questions remain on your thoughts on the UN.