Monday, May 14, 2007

Times puts Cameron on course for number 10

There is a new Populous poll in the Time tomorrow which shows Labour up in its headline figures to 33% from 29%, whilst the Conservatives are on 37 (Unchanged) and the Liberal Democrats are down to 17% (-3)

Those figures give a hung Parliament with Labour the largest party (though the swingometer may not take account of a geographical shift in support, as I suspect there is with Labour piling its support in safe seats)

However when asked the same question but with a named leader, David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Ming Campbell the figures move to Conservative 42, and Labour 32 (presumably the Liberal Democrats on 15%) giving a Conservative overall majority of 24.

This is the second poll in a week giving the Conservatives an overall majority with Gordon Brown in charge and is very good news.

It has to be said that I would like to see an end to this phony war, Gordon Brown in charge and some sense to the polls!

The election calculator uses is Anthony Wells here.

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The Times has this article (Many thanks to Nick Palmer MP for the link)


Anonymous said...

The Horror! The dark one is planning a sequel to his, ironic (?) masterpiece courage:,,2080171,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=19

'Brown to write book on unsung heroes'

Benedict White said...

pass the prozac, Oh dear!

Anonymous said...

Watching the way that the Labour party is going to give Brown a resounding coronation as leader and PM I still admit to finding it incredible.
Chatting to friends and family, everyone just seems amazed that they are going to pick such a vote loser.
Said friends are by the way a mixture of tory, libdem and SNP so maybe we are all biased, that said I have found it increasing hard to come across Labour voters who rate him and I live in Scotland!

Benedict White said...

ChrisD, The Labour party are entitled to their own folly!

Olly Onions said...