Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Sun talks hogwash over Diana pictures on Channel 4

I want to make it clear I do not buy the Sun, but do scan read bits of it when I am buying my lunch.

On the issue of Channel 4 screening a documentary on the death of Princess Diana the Sun Says:

Good 4 nothing

SEEDY C4 bosses are desperate to boost flagging ratings.

They have already insulted us with Penis Week and Designer Vaginas.

The channel had to abandon squalid W**k Week — and apologise for its rip-off phone-ins.

Now, after its humiliation over Big Brother racism, it is attention-seeking again with pictures of tragic Princess Diana’s last moments.

Producers don’t care about the distress to Wills and Harry — or whether it adds a jot to what we know of their mother’s death.

And this was the public service broadcaster launched with lofty promises to raise standards for the discerning viewer.
I agree with every word.

So why do I take such a negative view?

Because the same bunch of hypocritical scum published the very same photo on their front page last year!

Don't buy the Sun, it obviously thinks its readers are too thick to remember what it did last year.

You can read what the Sun says here.

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