Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tony Blair is to go, but when?

OK, we all know that Tony Blair is going to go, but the question is when?

Or rather more specifically when will he actually cease to be Labour leader, and Prime Minister.

The question is important because today we are told he will lay out his timetable. Will me resign as Labour leader, or announce his intention to resign at some time in the future?

This is not an academic debate, because of the way the Betfair betting exchange has managed to phrase the bet on when Tony will go. In essence it is when Tony ceases to be Labour leader.

I suspect he will do no more than say when he is going.

Once he has actually gone, and I am sure he can't make any come backs I will comment on Tony Blair.


Anonymous said...

I am totally shocked, ALBeeb showing white executive plane getting ready for takeoff ,I would as a taxpayer I want to know who's paying for the plane ,as a tv licence payer,paying for the helicopter and people for rubbish ,ALBeeb are running this garbage as if it was a funeral of a great statesman ,I hope Cameroon will privatise AlBeeb.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I am not sure about privatising it, but the news media do seem to waste a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Ok June 27th AlBeeb is saying ,I will wait until 28th before I open any drinks, so who wins you or mike ?.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, My bet with Mike was not when Tony would go, but whether any one would stand against Gordon. I bet they wouldn't, and we are about to find out!

Anonymous said...

Benedict some bet ,me I would ask who out of this lot would get their head out of the trough and move to the upper house ,they have to have somebody go against him otherwise us scum will really peeved ,how can he become king if no one goes against him.