Wednesday, May 16, 2007

John McDonnell Update

Having just listened to BBC Radio 4's World at One, and the nominations run like this:

Gordon Brown 297
John McDonnell 29

That leaves John McDonnell 16 short of the number he needs, and he only has 26 MP's left to get any nominations from. Of those I understand 4 are going to nominate Gordon Brown, (Presuambly Alan Milburn and Charles Clarke who, it appears were not queuing when nominations opened) and 3 are not going to nominate anyone.

So that means John McDonnell needs 16 nominations from just 19 MP's. I very much doubt he can do it.

My £20 is safe!

The BBC has this


Anonymous said...

Benedict, you have just been "outed" as a Tory on pb.c.

Benedict White said...

Fr, Sugar! and I have tried so hard to keep it a secret ;)