Monday, May 28, 2007

Macavity's not there while anti terror row storms

It is interesting to note that whilst there is a storm brewing about the latest loony anti terror proposals to allow people to stop and question anyone without suspicion (if a policeman has suspicion they can as I understand it stop, question and arrest, something they have been able to do for quite some time).

The news media have been making much of Peter Hain's intervention when he said we did not want to create a domestic equivalent of Guantanamo bay. Hazel Blears hit back alleging that the proposal came from Hain's Northern Ireland office, where a similar power is about to be repealed.

Obviously the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have expressed concerns about these proposals and also concern that already existing powers are not being used.

In all this where is Gordon Brown? Hiding as usual.

Says it all really.

Mind you, other bloggers have noticed as well, for example Dizzy has this.

The Telegraph has this on Labour splits, the BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

A few blogs since, I made the point concerning the silence of the usual loudmouths in condemming Lebanese Army forces in their attacks in jihadis in northern lebanon, compared to the volume should Israel had been doing the attacking.
Now that al Queda toture manuals and photographs have been released, I again ask.
Where is the political condemnation from our politicians?
Where is the Mainstream press?
Where is amnesty international.
Are they all feasting with Gordi and Hamas terrorists?
Herewith This needs a caution rating on the links
Any comments, Benny?

Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, Benedict - where does Gordon Brown stand on excluding Gurkha VC heroes from treatment in this country?

Is ANYONE actually running this country at the moment? I'll even settle for Prescott....

Benedict White said...

Erik, having grown up in the Lebanon, I view with favour the actions of the Lebanese government. However as far as I can tell they are not hitting targets that have absolutely nothing to do with their objective.

As for Al Qada in being very nasty shock! what do you want people to say? They are a nasty bunch, I think we can take it as read that everyone else thinks so as well.

Marquee Mark, LOL!

You'd settle for Prescott? Really? Shudder :)