Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graham Brady and the Great Grammar School "sacking"

I understand from this article on Iain Dale's blog, that not only had Graham Brady been reprimanded for speaking out on grammar schools, (fair enough, he was not towing the line) but that information had leaked into the media which is far from fair enough.

What is worse is that the media had been told he would be "sacked" at the next reshuffle in 6 weeks.

I agree with the party policy on grammar schools, (though have yet to articulate my thoughts on this and am open to discussion) however I am at a loss to see this loss of party discipline.

Let us be clear. Graham Brady overstepped the mark. For that he needed talking too. If he chose to resign, fine.

What is not fine is that news of the reprimand leaked and what is deeply troubling is the news of the impending sacking.

The party leadership can't ask for internal discipline if the party machine is briefing against members of the front bench.

If you are going to sack someone sack them. End of. No spin.

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