Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stop Whinging!

I have just had an interesting evening out at my local pub. I discussed politics with a few people, who are both interested, have a party view, and more importantly vote.


I also had a chat with someone who appeared to be passionate about what the problems were, but via a combination of not being on the electoral roll, thinking that multinationals controlled the world and other forms of general excuse finding was doing nothing about it.

Well all I can say is STOP WHINGING and get involved.

Politics is hard work. Very hard work. It took me two days to stop dropping off to sleep all the time, after the election campaign. I didn't do it for my health, and I certainly did not do it for the money. Neither did my opponents, who also worked very hard (much harder than they have had to in the past). I did it because I felt that the world and this country needed fixing so I got involved.

So don't whinge, get involved. There are so many ways you can do so now as well. For a start you can start a blog. You can read. You can talk to people. You can join a political party, or just help one in your area. If you get involved you can build influence.

Just don't come and tell me that it is all a done deal, you can't be bothered to vote, either on polling day or with your consumer power, but that you have an opinion.

You can make a difference.

Stop whinging.

Your country needs you.


The Real Sporer said...

I give that speech about 20 times a week. How true. Liberals win with low turn outs. Conservatives need to understand that libs only want the unions and illegals voting, apathy is encouraged in everyone else.

We have the special brand on whiney excuse-the "Republicans aren't conservative enought". Well, the choice is freaking Hillary Clinton-who is Madame Mao or Evita Peron with spy satellites, nuclear weapons and a global propaganda machine.

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

Well said Benedict. I too was full of aches, pains and tiredness after the elections. I had to take a strong ibuprofen at the count to stop my back seizing up. We do it because we want to make a difference, and here in the East Riding we did make a difference.

Benedict White said...

The Real Sporer, and Andrew Allison. A Conservative View, of course it is not a question of everyone getting so heavily involved as us, but to do nothing whilst whinging! Sorry that does make me angry.

I would far rather someone vote against me than not vote at all! (Obviously I would rather they voted for me!)

Ah well.

Maggie Thatcher fan said...

How could you have a good conversation in your local Benedict with all that pop music blaring out. Try the White Hart next time , its quieter!

Benedict White said...

MTF, Because I have a very loud voice when I need it! Besides which it was not that busy last night so the music was not that loud!

Stonch said...

In a mature democracy it shouldn't be necessary for people to be involved, and they shouldn't be chastised for not doing so. Turning up to vote now and then is the most that should be expected of people, and the rest of the time the odd moan is their right.

However, if someone actually says they dislike the entire political set-up and THEN continues to be apathetic, they need a slap.

By the way, "the real sporer" sounds like an American right wing loon. I don't think Mr White - or indeed your average British Conservative - has much truck with that kind of stuff. At least, I hope not.

Benedict White said...

Stonch, it is the people who can't even be bothered to vote or find out what policies that each party offers but still whinge who bother me.

If you can be arsed to whinge, then at least look into voting.

As for The Real Sporer, I think you are in danger of assuming he is talking English, when in fact he is talking American, where Liberal seems to mean something a bit different to over here.