Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Will the Breckland and Warwick counts push the Conservatives over 900 gains?

Counting has restarted in Breckland and Warwick district councils, having been suspended on Friday as the new electronic counting machines broke down.

These two councils look like swinging to the Conservatives and we only need a net gain of two to break the 900 barrier on the night!

The drama is a bit delayed, but it is still there, sort of!


Marquee Mark said...


Benedict White said...

Marquee Mark, and so they did!

Marquee Mark said...

The punditry I'm best at - predicting outcomes three hour after the final count finished!

Benedict White said...

Marquee Mark, Yes it is so much easier that way!

It is just a shame they close the betting after the result has been announced :)