Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cameron called on to resign!

Yes, senior figures in the Conservative party have called on David Cameron to resign immediately following dreadful local elections results.

One insider was quoted as saying "500 gains would have been fantastic, but 911 frankly is just not good enough! Cameron needs to go!"

Meanwhile the leadership of Ming Campbell has been praised, having led the Liberal Democrats to a much hailed victory losing 246 seats. Labour's council boost, losing 504 seats has shown that the incoming leader Gordon Brown is sure to lead Labour to a stunning 4th term!

(Ed.. Hold on, this is the sort of drivel that lefty journalists like Poly Toynbee write isn't it? It could have been on the BBC!)


Steve Albury said...

thank goodness sensible COnservatives are finally rounding on Cameron - winning so many seats is too much of a shock for those younger tories not used to winning. Goodness knows what damage this dangerously successful leader is doing to tory activists up and down the country. He should be immediately replaced, preferably by an older and wiser head. We should be following the Lib Dem example.

Marquee Mark said...

Quite right. I really enjoyed the wilderness years. Now I am restricted to Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle if I don't want to be overrun by Tories wherever I go.

Bring back IDS, I say.

Benedict White said...

Steve and Mark, I am so pleased that we are singing off the same hymn sheet :) LOL!

The Real Sporer said...

Don't you love the buffoonish liberal press opining about conservative (with or without an uppercase "C") internal politics.

The liberals write about our ongoing Republican national presidential primary with some of the silliest nonsense imagineable. I have been at several events and read the press coverage (or watched) thereafter and I'm pretty sure that reality didn't intrude into that coverage.

Congratulations on the great showing in the locals. Sarkozy, Merkel, that new Dutch dude........where is this left wing landslide sweeping old Europe. The only place they've won is our midterms and that's 'cause our President stopped campaigning just because he got re-elected.

Benedict White said...

The Real Sporer, I am not sure it is just the liberal press, some on the hard right seriously think it is not good enough either!

I also think that part of the problem is that an editor decides on an editorial line early on, and sticks to it what ever the evidence!

Either way, in this case I find it very funny!

Many thanks for the kind words as well!