Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 More Abscond from Control Orders

3 more people on control orders have apparently absconded. It seems that two of them, Lamine Adam and his brother, Ibrahim, did not contact their "monitoring company" on Monday night whilst Cerie Bullivant failed to report to a police station. Two others have absconded before.

It seems very bizarre to me that we have people reputedly so dangerous that the government would have liked to have locked them up, but then the extent of the monitoring is that the person on the control order has to report in. Surely they are either so dangerous that they need close surveillance or they are not that dangerous. This government needs to make up its mind.

Apparently David Davis said this:

"It is shocking that yet another three have absconded. John Reid's primary responsibility is the protection of the public. This consistent yet gravely dangerous failure to carry out that duty continues to threaten the safety of the public."

I can't see why he is that shocked. John Reid is a useless prat.

The BBC has this.


Elliott said...

We are sliding ever more surely towards anarchy. Exaggeration? Not when you consider that over 99% of our prison space is filled, that we have no other sanction against crime and that Gordon Brown has consistently refused to pay for more prison space to ameliorate the situation.

We just don't have space to lock anyone up any more; and nobody seems to care.

Benedict White said...

Elliot, many thanks for the link, us Conservatives care and quite a lot. Shoplifters are not even getting to court!

Prisons are so full that not only can they not take any more people but worse still they can't rehabilitate those who they are about to let go. A very bad state of affairs.

Elliott said...

Thanks Benedict. One of the more pleasant aspects of this blogging business has been to discover just how powerful a groundswell of opinion still resides in this country in favour of a traditional, focused mode of government. I was starting to believe it was an endangered strand of thinking outside of the City of London, where I work.

I'm watching Mr Cameron with interest, and hope he will exhibit the mettle required to deal with some of these national ills!

Benedict White said...

Elliot, No problem!

There is of course to elements to crime, one is to reduce it whilst the other is to punish those who commit it.

This government does not seem that good at either.

Whilst we have a captive audience we may as well try and address some of the reasons for offending, but that does not mean we should be soft.

Also David Cameron seems to be using a reasonable amount of imagination in trying to deal with the original ills which is good.