Sunday, May 20, 2007

David Maclean's little secrets

It appears that the David Maclean, the MP who had his private members bill exempting MP's from the Freedom of Information act has his own little secrets he does not want aired all over the place.

For example he has claimed a £3,000 quad bike on expenses. To be fair he does have multiple sclerosis and the largest constituency in the land, so he can justify the bike, but it smells when he is involved in passing this sort of bill.

If he has spent money and it looks like a lot, he needs to explain himself. People will either accept the explanation or they wont. Hiding it is not an option.

The Mail on Sunday has this.


Anonymous said...

I think he stinks for putting up that amendment,he has to remember that gone of the days mr peeved of brighton wrote a letter to the times, this won't be forgotten it is archived and it will jump back and bite him in a couple of years ,when the next GE is due.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Yes I suspect you are right.