Monday, May 14, 2007

Gordon Brown to fix John Reid's mess?

The Daily Mail believes that Gordon Brown is about to start fixing the mess Dr John "wreck it and run" Reid made of the GP's contract whilst he was busy making a hash of the NHS.

It will be remembered that the contract was put in place to reward hard working GP's as most were of course lazy good for nothings who did no work.

There were of course two problems with the way the contract was negotiated. Firstly all the work for which extra rewards were on offer were already being carried out by GP's (so perhaps they were not all lazy good for nothings after all) and that the government allowed them to give up unsociable hours for the loss of a mere £6,000 per year. Faced with such a choice they gave up unsociable hours having just had their mouths, pockets and arguably suitcases stuffed with gold.

Well apparently Gordon Brown now wants to fix this. Given that there is already a contract in place I suspect this is yet another eye catching initiative which once it has had its effect will be quietly dropped.

I wonder what Dr Crippen would think?

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