Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Did any one else notice Gordon Brown's collar?

I have just watched Nick Robinson's report on David Cameron verses Gordon Brown as the battle to come.

In it there was a clip of Gordon Brown addressing a union conference in which he was saying that either you can have more nurses or they could be paid better, going on to cite some pay increase numbers (like 4 and 5%) which attracted some boos.

What I noticed as he walked up and down the stage though was that one collar was out of his suit (his left one, on the right as you look at him) pointing at a jaunty angle whilst the other was some what more conventional.

Is this some attempt to look unspun or just unkempt?


Anonymous said...

Did he manage to keep his finger away from you-know-where. That is, did he manage not to , erm, "scratch his nose"?

Benedict White said...

flashgordonnz, I only saw a clip so can't swear hid did no ;)