Thursday, June 07, 2007

Felicity Jane Lowde, Rachel North's cyberstalker Nicked!

According to the Oxford Mail police arrested her in an Internet cafe in Brick Lane, whilst someone kept her online and talking.

The Oxford Mail has this reporting it, whilst it has this prior to her arrest. Just read the comments in the second article and note the lack of posts defending her position since last night.

One does have to wonder? Or perhaps not.

She faces up to six months in prison, a £5,000 fine or possibly both. I suspect she could also do with psychiatric evaluation and possibly treatment.

Hat tip to Iain Dale and good news for Rachel North and all Felicity's other victims.

Update, 8th of June, 09:51

I have noticed that the Oxford Mal story has been edited and that the comments have gone missing from the second article. There were 115 of them.

Update 28th of June 2007 17:36

For the latest news on this story and news on the sentence please see here.


Unity said...

She's been remanded in custody until the end of the month for psychiatric reports as I understand the situation.

Anonymous said...

Here you are Bennedict
Now remind me if you would. Which Prime ministers son made millions, acting as an arms dealer with the ok of the PM
Wasn't there a book written about the Al-Yamamah contracts with the house of Saud and the antics, and further dealings of the son?
Thatchers millions was the book written about this, which listed links to all sorts of covert organizations around the world.

Anonymous said...

Bennedict, what are your thoughts, or rather your party's position on this travesty?

Benedict White said...

Unity, many thanks for the update, I do hope that the professionals are both kind and thorough.

Rachel said...

Good news, and hopefully she can get the treatment she seesm to need. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I understand you now, benedict.
Both you and your party have NO THOUGHTS, AND NO POSITION, on the afore mentioned travesty.
Well, THAT WOULD SEEM TO BE PAR FOR THE COURSE for the identical twins, - the lab/con party!!!
You westminster thinkers (don't make me laugh, my dog thinks more, and he died last year) are hoodwinking the nation, and leading us into a disastrous trap.
Cat got your tongue, benie boy?

Anonymous said...

So does your party have any policies that can correctThis travesty, or have you been struck mute?

Anonymous said...

Putin says, suck on my tail-pipe

Benedict White said...

Erik, I have just covered the EU story on my blog...

Anonymous said...

Is erik actually FJL?

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna repost this link
For some reason the previous link went to link heaven.