Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quentin Davies Defection just does not make sense

Thinking it through, the reasons for his defection are idiotic.

He wants to belong to a party that is affiliated to the EPP (so he joins one that’s affiliated to the European Socialists);

He doesn’t like Cameron’s line on grammar schools (so joins a party that wants to abolish them);

He didn’t like Greg Clark’s praise for Polly Toynbee (so joins a party that admires Polly Toynbee);

He is strongly in favour of the Iraq War (so joins a party whose Deputy Leader said they should apologise over Iraq - though she denies it now);

He doesn’t like Cameron’s policies on pensions or the family (so joins a party whose policies on pensions and the family are far removed from his own);

plus he favours fox-hunting (which Labour voted to ban) and is opposed to homosexual equality (so joins a party that favours it).

It’s a bit like falling out with someone, chopping off your right arm, waving it at them and yelling “there, you bastard, that’ll show you.”

By Sean Fear, originally here, reproduced with his kind permission.


Anonymous said...

Forget him he's the past ,now seeing that piece of s--t Blair is going ,will you do your bye bye s--t Blair piece ,I do hope Yate's has a present for him before he get's that job.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Ah yes, the Bye bye Tony article! I will have to sharpen my knife :)