Thursday, June 07, 2007

While Gordon Spins like a top, will John Reid announce the consensus?

I wrote this article on Gordon's Brown's comments on getting tough on terror on Sunday, in part based on information Iain Dale had put in the public domain in his paper review on News 24, particularly noting the use of Conservative and Liberal Democrat proposals which had been rebuffed in the past, and the intent to try and get more than 28 days detention without charge which is not going to happen.

The long and short of the position is that Tony Blair and John Reid have been talking quietly and behind the scenes to their opposite numbers in the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties looking for a consensus. It seems they have come a long way.

Gordon Brown has not only stuck his oar in but seems to be looking to play political games with this, especially if you take into account this article by Iain Dale on the subject.

So the big question is this: Has Gordon Brown upset the apple cart and derailed the consensus that seemed to be building?

We will find out tomorrow, if John Reid makes his statement to the house of commons.

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