Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trouble at mill for Ming Campbell

It seems that yesterdays revelations to the Guardian about possible jobs for Liberal Democrats in a Gordon Brown administration has had the brown stuff hitting the fan.

This morning the Guardian follows up with this article which indicates how bad it is getting in the party. Some choice quotes:
The disclosures in yesterday's Guardian threw the Lib Dems into turmoil with one frontbencher describing it as a "hand grenade" which had destabilised the party.

"A lot of people are angry, but no one knows who to be angry with," said one Lib Dem frontbencher. A furious colleague described it as "politically toxic", playing into the hands of the major parties.

His claim that for Lib Dems to join the government was never an option was disputed by government sources.

One cabinet minister predicted yesterday's revelations would hasten the Liberal Democrat leader's departure.
I do hope Ming can hang on, he is doing us loads of favours!


Mark Senior said...

Interesting that on a day when Conservatives were launching their new policy on the NHS , everyone ignores it including Conservative bloggers .
We still don't know where the Guardian story came from , Gordon Brown , Paddy Ashdown and upset LibDem MP's have been variously suggested but despite some over excited Conservatives , it is pretty clear there was never any prospect of any LibDems in the cabinet .

Benedict White said...

Mark, I agree, and yes it has kept our anouncements out of the news. I will have to look up what they were ;)

Someone here is playing silly buggers and it probably is not Ming. Speculation is mounting that it may have been Brown playing clever. If I were your party leader I would watch out.