Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ministry of Defence Just not important

We have our forces engaged in very difficult fighting situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet apparently Gordon Brown does not think the Ministry of Defence needs its own dedicated minister.

Des Browne, the buffoon who should have been sacked after allowing the Iranian hostages to sell their stories not only stays at defence, but has been made minister for Scotland as well!

Labour sources insist that Scotland is a part time job after devolution. Well that may well be so, but the Ministry of Defence most certainly is not.

What are are troops supposed to think now they have a part timer in charge?

Gordon Brown has made a drastic blunder here.


youdontknowme said...

Brown made a blunder for the entire cabinet. As far as I can see they are all useless.

Benedict White said...

youdontknowme, yes but this is also a slap in the face for our armed forces.

Bad. Very bad indeed.

Anonymous said...

A major mistake and does not indicate that Brown intends to put defence any higher on his list of priorities as a PM, any more than when he was chancellor.
To be honest this decision is just crass and highly insensitive to our armed forces in war zones.

Equally interesting is the fact that the Scotland job will also be part time. I know in normal circumstances you might think that it should abolished or my preferred choice of being combined with both Wales and N. Ireland.
But with Labour out of power in Holyrood and Salmond in charge, relations between Brown and the First Minister are frosty to say the least.
This could arguable be a hot potato in the next couple of years and will need carefully and diplomatic handling. I would have combined the 3 devolved area's into one and given someone the job full time.