Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bush gets warm reception in Albania

Yes, they set light to him..

No, they didn't! George W Bush is genuinely popular in Albania, formerly a reclusive communist state and almost entirely Muslim.

Just don't tell the radical Muslims, they will be upset. In their world view the west is always bad to Muslims, which is of course far from the case as our (as in NATO, America and Europe) interventions in the Balkans shows.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

Norman Wisdom, that other comedian famous for falling flat on his face, is revered as something akin to a God in Albania. I know this to be true, as Norman graciously autographed a picture of himself which was then hung in our office in Albania (it was a former company I worked at). The picture became like a shrine...

Albanian taste is a little wayward. (But not sufficiently wayward that they would vote for the UK's Eurovision entry!)

Anonymous said...

meanwhile Sarkozy strengthens his power base
at home