Monday, June 25, 2007

Every Silver lining has a dark cloud, Hapless Harriet!

The Sun in its Sun Says editorial does not seem pleased that Harriet Harman has won the Labour deputy leadership contest, it goes on to say:
The trouble is that she is so politically correct some of her MP colleagues call her Harriet Harperson.
And then labels her as hapless Harriet!

Many papers point to Gordon Brown's decisive ruthlessness naming her as party chairman, excluding her from either being deputy prime minister or ruining any ministries. There is no chance she will deputise for Gordon.

The great thing about Harriet is that she is the niece of a Countess, privately educated and rather more amusingly sent her children to either independent or selective schools whilst having the gaul to criticise some for buying expensive handbags.

We in the Conservative party are so pleased that the Labour party have elected her deputy leader, it makes life so much sweeter!

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Anonymous said...

What is the name of the Gaul who criticised some for buying expensive handbags? Was the Gaul an employee of Chanel or Herm├ęs?